My Book Reviews

For my third blog I will be suggesting you five of my favourite books to read. 1.The Diary of a Young Girl ANNE FRANK- this book is about a Jewish family,particularly life a teenager during Nazi atrocities .Anne,the main character, this was her diary, which she received on her birthday. she started to write in… Continue reading My Book Reviews


Visit To Lion Safari

My first visit was to a lion safari. I, siddu and Chachi had come for the safari. First Balla Tauji showed us some animals who were kept in different rooms ( they were kept in rooms only for sometime and most of the time they were out). In the very beginning,we came across a leopard… Continue reading Visit To Lion Safari

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One Masala Chai Coming Up!

Hi, I am Angel and I am 11 years old. This is my first blog. Let’s start with my family. My mother is Shubhra Sharma and I have a sister, Vidushi, who is 15 years old. As my father is in government service, we travel after every 2 years to new places. I have a… Continue reading One Masala Chai Coming Up!